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Financial and Life Updates

December 3rd, 2019 at 06:31 pm

2019 is about to come to a close and I wanted to document what our current financial situation is at the moment. I am a bad "blogger" in that life gets in the way and I forget to jump on here very often...

Oldest DD should be graduating college in May 2020.
Youngest DD will be starting college in June 2020.

We have just gone under contract on a small 1100 sq ft 2bd/2ba home as of yesterday. It was listed at $175k and we got it for $168k. Most properties in our area get snatched up very quickly when they are under the 200k price so when this one got listed, I was first in line Smile

Did we need this house right now? No.
But, we had been thinking about downsizing once our youngest goes to school so we are just about 6 months ahead of schedule is all. We were going to purchase this place and use it as rental property but now that I am looking at mortgage options, we would have a better loan with it being our primary residence instead of an investment property. Now, the challenge is how to downsize and get rid of 3600+ sq ft of junk to fit into this much smaller house! Once we fix up our current house, we hope to sell it for around $450k so wish us speed and good fortune!

Speaking of college, we have been able to put our oldest through college with absolutely no debt incurred. We want to continue doing this for our youngest as well. I think it is so important for them to start off their adult lives without the burden of college loans so that is what we have been working hard toward.

Oldest DD's car just bit the dust with some engine failure. It's a 2006 that I had purchased in 2007 so we've had it quite a while. We'll give it to my brother-in-law who loves to tinker with cars to let him fix up and do whatever with... now we have to find a "new" car for DD. I hate car shopping.

We currently have about $100k in liquid cash but a big chunk of it will be used up for the down payment and closing costs on the new house, getting the new car for DD, and fixing up the current house to get it ready for sale. Money doesn't tend to hang out long, you know?

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I am just not in the mood to spend money on junk again. It is such an expectation and I wish we could just get rid of the gift giving component of Christmas. Oh well.

Oh, and we just adopted a new kitten... not by choice. The little guy appeared one cold night crying and hungry so we had to take him in, right? Took him to the vet and he is about 8 weeks old now. Poor little dude. Wonder where he came from?

Still hustling along...at about 10 lbs overweight but eh... It is what it is.

4 Responses to “Financial and Life Updates”

  1. Carol Says:

    Wow, a lot going on! We just ( last year) downsized and it is a lot of work. It really makes you disinclined to buy anything, since getting rid, even if you donate, is such a chore! Good luck!!!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    So nice to hear from you! Great job on no debt for your oldest daughter! Good luck with the downsizing. We did that over a year ago when we moved from 2800 sq ft to about 1600 sq ft.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    That little dude is so lucky he found you!

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Great job and amazing. Good luck! Sounds good to me that you are downsizing. If you are in a seasonal location it would make sense to list in Feb/March for May/June move in for family if you are in a good school district. So to me technically you aren't early for buying a downsizing place. Perfect timing i would say.

    CCF how do you like the downsized living?

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