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Lots going on but all is well for the most part.

April 23rd, 2018 at 07:01 am

So, I'm a bad "blogger". I tend to just live life and not document each day and then when I think about it, I'll come and update my journey here. So, yeah, bad blogger me but oh well. Haha.

So, it is now April 23, 2018.

Our oldest is almost finished with her first year of college. She is going to summer school and staying in her first apartment over the summer. She'll be going back to dorm life in August though. She is quite excited for the unpaid internship that she got at an animal sanctuary as well. We got her car all fixed up and it should be safe for her to have to drive around in this summer.

Our youngest has yet to get her drivers license. She doesn't need it and doesn't really have a huge desire to get it so I'm not rushing her at all.

We sold our beat up truck for $500 to the auto shop. It wasn't worth keeping any longer.

My first semester of teaching college has gone well. I spent a ton of hours on it though so spreading out the semester pay over each hour is a little sad... but they want me again next semester so it should go much smoother next time since I've done so much prep work already.

Reselling side gig is still trucking along. I just hired an assistant to help me photograph items because I just can't find the time to do it all. I pay $0.75 per item and we've only been doing it a week but so far so good.

I'm still frustrated with the hubby and his lack of motivation to self-improve. He's an enigma to me sometimes. We've been together for 27 years and it's just getting so tough to connect. I feel at a loss and am thinking about getting counseling for myself. I don't want to continually blame him for everything (which I do very internally). Sigh.