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Ack! They accepted!

July 28th, 2011 at 06:28 pm

Ok, let's back up and review...

June 14
We put in an offer of $300k on a short sale house that is listed at $395k (down from $550k)

June 24
The sellers accept but the bank says no and counters us at $375k

June 28
We offer a counter to their counter of $305k plus $1k in sellers closing costs

July 28
The bank says OK to our offer!!

OMG! I am happy but freaked out at the same time. Never in a million years did we (nor our realtor) think that the bank would actually agree to our lowball offer! So, we are officially in contract now and expect to close in 60 days. We can back out for any reason so we'll have to wait and see what will be found during the inspection process. Wish us luck! Smile

African Violets -- multiplying the love!

July 13th, 2011 at 07:17 am

Back in April, someone told me that I could propagate African Violets! Who would've thunk it!! Smile

So, I cut one healthy leaf off of a plant that hubby had bought me a couple of years ago, stuck it in some dirt, and voila! Fast forward 4 months and look at what I have now...

That big leaf in the top left is the original one that I had cut off and look at all the babies that have sprouted... love! I hope that once it gets big enough that it will bloom beautiful flowers just like its momma plant does. I've now just done 2 more cuttings today so here's to hoping that these will be just as successful! I love free plants!