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Saying bye to 2017 and hello to 2018

January 3rd, 2018 at 06:05 am

Looking back to 2017:

Jan- Opened up a legit eBay store and started reselling as a side hustle to fund college expenses

Feb- Finally sold the rental house at a loss overall but pocketed $25,377 after all said and done

Mar- DD and I did some temp work for a retail store opening up which was a fun experience

Apr- hired plumbers to work on our master bathroom; they burst a pipe and we had a mess in our kitchen

May- held a $1 clothing only yard sale and made $260 Smile

June- DD graduates high school!

July- purchase a new laptop for DD heading off to college ($759); same DD dislocated her hip at the end of the month

Aug- paid first college bill of over $9,700

Sept- second year's "manual" payment made for home insurance since we refinanced in 2015 without an escrow account ($1,052)

Oct- youngest DD turns 16!; I was asked to teach a class next year at our University

Nov- DH was in a fender bender that he was "unsure" whether it was his fault or not...so first time we ever filed a collision claim on our insurance; paid off the $1,708 helicopter bill after winning the insurance appeal from hip dislocation incident; paid second college bill of over $9,700; my mom suffers a stroke the week before Thanksgiving

Dec- spent most of the month caring for mom; Xmas presents were purchased very last minute; DD had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out ($2,390); paid property tax bill of $2,982

..... now onward and upwards to 2018 .....

-I'm continuing with the eBay/reselling side hustle
-I start teaching a class at the University
-We will need to purchase a (used) car for DD that is in college
-My word of the year is "Intention" (2017 was "Hustle" and 2016 was "Focus")
-I want to seriously declutter and minimize our household possessions this year