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Renters... your opinion?

February 19th, 2014 at 09:55 am

So, we have a house that is being rented by a great family. Payments are on time, house is kept up, etc. Only problem is that we settled on a rental amount that is short of meeting our mortgage on the property. We tried to sell the house 1.5 years ago with no luck and we were fortunate to find this family that would rent it from us ... better to have the majority of the mortgage paid by someone else than for us to have keep paying the entire amount. Anyway, their lease is up for renewal in a few months. The difference between the rent amount and the mortgage amount is $347. Hubby says that we need them to pay the full mortgage amount or we should try to sell the house again kicking them out... I am not so sure. I think we should increase the rent by like $100 and let them lease for another year (doubt they could afford an additional $347). They love our house and have treated it like it was their own... They would buy it but they foreclosed on their last home due to other issues and so now can't get a mortgage to buy ours. What are your thoughts? Ask them to pay the entire $347 additional each month or else kick them out and try to sell it? This wouldn't be so hard except that they really are good people...