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November 3rd, 2008 at 11:39 am

Hi, y'all. Smile I don't post much but I do visit the blogs each day and read up on everyone's happenings... guess it's my turn to contribute.

1. I got a notice to expect an increase in my grad school tuition for Summer 09. I am doing my MBA program completely online with one of our state's universities and have one more year to go (graduating in Dec 09). Because of the economy the way it is, apparently, the school has decided to increase the tuition cost of just the online programs and not the campus-based programs... GEEZ! So, instead of paying $657 for a class, it's now going to be upwards of $1032 per online class... It doesn't seem fair that they are increasing the online tuition only!

2. Our house has been on the market since August... no real big interest in it. Although housing prices have dropped in the country on average, our county has been hit very little so prices are still quite high. Our house is 2600 sq ft, built in 2006 and is listed for $349,000... overall, a fabulous house. We are trying to sell it so that we can find a house on a flatter lot (we live in the mountains) for our children to play in and so forth. We have been actively looking and after looking at probably 50 or so houses, we found the perfect one this weekend! It's a 40 year old brick rancher on a .75 FLAT acre with an awesome river bordering the backyard... and on the other side of the river is a great golf course. This house needs a lot of work but we just can't beat the location and the features of the lot itself. It's listed for $435,000. The next door neighbor's house is worth well over $3million (I'm serious; it's absolutely beautiful). I sure hope that the house is still there when/if we ever sell ours and will cry if it gets sold first. Cross your fingers for us.