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Obsessions (and other Ramblings)

May 11th, 2009 at 07:04 am

Ever wonder what makes us go crazy at times for certing things? I was just thinking about my current "obsessions"...

1. The Twilight book series... I went to the beach with my in-laws over Easter and MIL brought the Twilight book with her. I picked it up one morning since I had nothing else going on and didn't put it down until I finished it that evening! Then, I had to go out and buy the movie that night so I could watch it. Asked DH to buy me the entire 4-book box set for Mothers Day and now I'm on the last book and feel depressed that I'm about to finish the story. What's wrong with me to be so obsessed with Edward Cullen?! Smile

2. Other people's houses... Why do I care at all what other people live in? I think I'm just too nosy. I look up friends' and co-workers' info on the web and am intrigued as to what their house values are and where they live, etc. Isn't that a form of stalking? Smile Geez. I need a life.

Oh, well. I probably divulged too much on what my current obsessions are and how weird I might be, but I thought it was an interesting thought... What drives a person to think and obsess over anything at any given time? Sure, give it a month or so and maybe my obsessions will turn its contriving mind to something else... it would be interesting to know what my triggers are.

Finished up with the Spring semester and have 2 weeks of no school before the summer sessions start. Yahooie! I have just 3 more classes to go and then I'll be finished in Dec. I have no idea what I will do differently (career-wise) with my newly acquired MBA but at least I'll have it. Who knows in todays economy? It can only help me in the long run - I hope.

My birthday is coming up and I will be 34. I feel like I'm getting so old. I had lunch with my niece who is 15 and her "boyfriend". They are in that awkward stage of young teenage hormones... made me feel ancient! Again, I can only say "Geez". Oh well. I do miss those "unknowns" and the butterflies concerning the dating game. Remember when your palms got sweaty as you got ready for that first date, first kiss, first whatever? I miss that sometimes. Of course, I love being settled down with the family but I can daydream back to those innocent days too.