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An update -- finally!

December 2nd, 2010 at 05:22 am

Ok, so I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since I last posted. Things have been absolutely crazy around here and so I have a lot of catching up to do in blogland! Smile

An update on my co-worker's situation. I started working with her on Oct 1 to straighten out her finances. Good news --- she's paid off two small credit card balances, one medical bill, and most importantly, the debt she had with her son (she'd borrow money from him from time to time to keep herself afloat). She has also put aside $820 in her savings account which she says is the first time she's ever saved anything. $600 of this is for Christmas and the rest is for buying new tires for her car. She still has a long way to go to pay off her debts but she's made huge progress in the couple of months I've been guiding her through. We meet about 2-3 times a month to make sure that she stays on track and for me to basically hold her hand... she still can't figure out what to pay first, how much to pay, or anything like that so I give her a roadmap everytime we meet.

Ok, now the big news on my side of things is that DH and I are considering going to NYC over New Year's. Isn't that just crazy to even think about being in all that chaos? Smile But, we were looking at our work schedules and the kids' school calendar and wouldn't you know that we have a ton of time off available. My sister has offered to watch the kids for us so it'll just be a trip for the two of us which hasn't happened.... ever! So, I hop online and look at rates-- it will cost about $2500 for airline and hotel for 5 nights. Yikes! It would be cheaper if we didn't want to stay right near Times Square but this will be a trip of a lifetime for us so we thought we'd splurge a bit more than what we normally would do. With eating and shopping money, the trip will probably be around $3500. Anybody ever been to NY? Anything to look out for or suggestions on where to stay, eat, or do?