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November 5th, 2013 at 10:49 am

First, thanks to all of you that commented on my last post. The whole situation is still in flux at the moment so we'll see how it all shakes out (MY boss just came into my office this morning with an absolutely new setup that involves people moving OUT of the redone space -- he asked for my opinion and I just silently wished I had a spit ball I could throw at him Smile ).

Anyway, on to better topics. Any of you extreme coupon out there? I started couponing back on Mother's Day and after some mistakes and learning the ropes, I think I finally got the hang of it. I have also slowed down quite a bit too. For example, now I only buy toothpaste when I can get it for FREE, not $0.50 or $0.25... but FREE. This is because I have too many in my stockpile to worry about trying to get even another one just because it's a deal. So, I've gotten to the point now where it has to be FREE or a money maker in order for me to run for it. It's actually quite a freeing feeling (no pun intended).

Just thought it might be cool to know of you guys that are also couponers. I've been doing it for 6 months and have primarily focused in on the health and beauty deals. I have enough paper towels to last quite a while and plenty of feminine care products to keep our family of 3 ladies taken care of so that poor DH doesn't have to make any quick stops to the store (if you know what I mean). I do need to step up my game when it comes to food shopping but I am getting there Smile

People just need to grow up!

November 4th, 2013 at 08:17 am

I am tired of pettiness, stubbornness, and down right meanness...

I supervise 5 ladies, 3 of which are just making me mad. They have worked together in the same office (literally) for over 17 years with the same office/furniture set up and layout all this time. My boss decides it's time to hire another person and wants me to redo the office space to accommodate this new person. I ask lots of questions and provide these 3 ladies ample opportunity for input and collaboration on where we will put this new person. So, all is agreed upon and moving-furniture-day arrives. Last Wed, we had a gaggle of men here moving things around and re-organizing the layout of the office based on the specifications of what we all agreed on. On this moving day, one of the ladies is on the verge of tears, looks so upset, and is so distraught... MY boss notices her reaction and comes back to our area at the end of the day after the entire move is completed just to ridicule ME about how I jumped the gun and he didn't authorize such a move (just to save face in front of this lady). I have now lost all credibility as a manager/supervisor over these 3 ladies and it gets worse... these ladies aren't even speaking to me now except for the work stuff that we have to talk about. We used to have a very friendly and open work environment but now it's like I have entered into the most depressed work environment ever! I don't even get a good morning any longer.

I am tired of the second grade behavior --- get over it already! This has been going on for since last Wed and it's just stupid. It's just a freakin' office that instead of being shared with 3 people, it's now going to be 4 (new girl starts tomorrow). The space is large and there is still plenty of space... Geez, people.

Ok, sorry, I had to vent. My DH thinks these ladies are so juvenile to get worked up over a moving layout that they all came up with in the first place. I didn't tell them it had to be any certain way but as a group, they came up with the layout and now they are punishing me for disturbing their way of life for the last 2 decades! Arrgh. Makes me want to look for another job where there are mature people around! --Oh, and I now hate my boss for backstabbing me. He and I spoke extensively about this office move and I only acted upon his direction but he made it sound like I caused all this 'unnecessary' drama. Crazy, I tell ya.