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Thanksgiving with the MIL... ugh!

December 4th, 2007 at 10:37 am

It's taken me this long to get over Thanksgiving. In my last post, I indicated that we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner for around 25 people. We ended having 22 folks. I had cooked a 21 lb. turkey and it turned out fabulous... had plenty to go around and still had lots of leftovers. Now, here's where I got upset on turkey day. My mother-in-law didn't want to host the dinner so we offered... so why in the world did dear MIL cook and bring over her own turkey and gravy???!!!! She said that she was afraid that I wouldn't have enough turkey for everyone --- I got so fuming mad that it's honestly taken until now to get over it. Needless to say, MIL left my house with her turkey and gravy as none of it was needed. I was so offended by the mere thought that she didn't think I could plan for so many people. Geez! Wouldn't that make you guys mad?