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Saying bye to a great 2016 and hello to 2017

January 3rd, 2017 at 08:46 am

Looking back to 2016:

Jan- Refinanced mortgage to a 15 year fixed and paid off remaining car loan balance of $17,210 to be debt free again except for the mortgage; DH had a medical scare

Feb- Had to pay the big and unexpected $1,145 hospital bill from last month

Mar- Joined gym which started $50 monthly bill; got into a multi-car accident over Spring Break; found out DD won a national $5k prom package contest!

Apr- Started vegan (vegetarian for the rest of the family) lifestyle; DH has to start getting a very *expensive* rabies treatment for trying to rescue our cat from a feral cat's death grip

May- major Prom festivities

June- kids wanted Spotify subscription and I caved... oh, well.

July- DH purchased a scooter for $1,500

Aug- DH sold the scooter he had just purchased last month... thank goodness! Smile

Sept- first "manual" payment made for home insurance since we refinanced without an escrow account for the first time ever

Oct- spent lots of money for college applications and other senior student expenses; DH purchases a "new" car for $8,100 cash; our renters inform us of their interest in purchasing our home!

Nov- ramped up online selling activity big time with ebay, poshmark, mercari, etc

Dec- holiday craziness with an 18th year old birthday thrown in the mix that led to an impromptu trip to NYC to celebrate 2016

..... now onward and upwards to 2017 .....

-I've opened up an official eBay store on Jan 1 with plans on making lots of part-time moola!
-Our rental property will be sold (crossing fingers)
-Our oldest will graduate high school and start college... yikes!
-Our youngest will get her driver's license... yikes, again!

I look forward to a great 2017 and hope for much financial success for all of us!!