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A great weekend

April 23rd, 2007 at 06:41 am

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so we spent most of it outside cleaning up the yard. On Sat, we went to the park and spent hours there on the walking trails and stuff... DH got a bit sunburned even. Then on Sun, we celebrated Earth Day at a local zoo - planted some pine seedlings in our yard - and really worked on spiffying up our house. Looks really good! So, all in all, a weekend of little money out and a lot of satisfaction in... just the way it should be! Smile

On the financial side of things, I need to send in our deposit for the landscape work we need done. It's going to cost nearly $11k and we have put down 25% with the remainder due at the end of the project. It won't be scheduled until June which is a bummer but oh well... once we get back from Disney, we'll be jumping right into the landscaping project... should be a busy time for us this summer. We did get our federal refund back on Friday so that will help us in funding the 25% deposit. The rest of the money will be from liquidating our mutual funds (non-retirement) so let's hope the stock market continues on its upswing throughout the next month or so.

Spring Break Wrap-up

April 16th, 2007 at 01:24 pm

We had last week off of work for Spring Break. After cleaning and painting all week, I don't believe our house has ever looked so tidy! Smile DH decided that it was time for him to make his biggest purchase ever... he bought a 55" projection Sony TV for $1800. Yes, he saved up his money for it, but it sure does hurt me to know that money is now gone.

Financially, we are hanging on alright. We are still able to pay extra on our mortgage and car loan as planned. The trip to Disney is also coming along. Today I found out that the one credit card we use actually has free SeaWorld tickets available (rewards program) so that will be nice to put toward our vacation. I usually get gift cards to restaurants but this time tickets to SeaWorld will do just fine. It's great to get the "freebies" without paying the credit card company a dime of interest!

I wish we could save more but with the vacation around the corner, that's where we are funneling our extra cash. Oh, well... gotta live a little.