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I am so tired.

September 12th, 2012 at 11:03 am

So, it's been eons since I last reported in... the short sale house reno is going just fine. We officially moved in Aug 1 and we are enjoying actually living there while we continue with the renovations. We rented out our other house and so far so good with the renters.

The reason I am exhausted though is due to demands at work. I used to like coming to work each day but for the last several months, I dread each morning getting up and going to work. We've had 4 different lead management changes during this time period... and I've assumed an entire full-time job on top of what I currently have to do. Doing 2 jobs within a work week is nearly impossible. I am stressed beyond belief as to the amount of work that I am now responsible for getting done. I have a staff of 3 folks that I used to like but lately, those relationships have been strained as well. It's so hard to describe accurately what is going on so I won't even attempt it but needless to say, I feel like my time here is over. I am looking for another job but it's a bit difficult right now to find anything comparable to what I am doing (and at the same pay). So, I am trying to take deep breaths each day, keep myself above water, and find a way to continue with this each day. I'm so drained........