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Portland, Oregon

June 22nd, 2017 at 06:02 am

So, we decided to venture out west this summer and visit Portland, Oregon. If anyone has any suggestions, tips, or advice about the area, please let me know! Our family of 4 (no little kids) would love to explore the area and maybe even take a drive to Seattle while we are out there. We'll be there the last 2 weeks of July Smile

Portland budget
flights and hotel = $3,000
rental car = $500
food, park tickets, and incidentals = $2,500
Total = $6,000

3 Responses to “Portland, Oregon”

  1. Pnwmom Says:

    Hi here! I'm PNW mom, used to have a blog but now I just lurk around here. I actually live in Portland, so if you want to, please feel free to email me, and I would be happy to give you some ideas about what to do around here. My email is squeake@gmail.com.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Mt. St. Helens - they have a great visitor center.
    The coast - Astoria and then further down if you have time.
    Multnomah Falls
    Voodoo Donuts
    the waterfront in Portland
    Omsi - hands on museum
    the zoo

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Mt St Helens & Multnomah Falls are memorable. Other than that, I haven't been in 20-ish years so don't remember much detail. The landscape around Mt St Helen was really barren at that time. It would be interesting to see 20 years later.

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