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My financial journey...Part 2.

July 5th, 2016 at 06:21 am

Read this to catch up on part 1 ---->

Ok, friends. Last we left you, I was just graduating college at 21 years of age and ready to tackle the world. I got promoted immediately to manager at the restaurant I had been waitressing at throughout college. I was quite excited to now be making $18,000 a year. But that didn't last long because of another opportunity that popped up 2 weeks later. I received my first "real" job offer at Wachovia Bank. I started working as a Banker for them in January saying good-bye to my restaurant days.

On the personal front, I had been dating my boyfriend for 6 years by this point. Once I graduated that December, he proposed and we planned for a June wedding. So, again, life was good. We actually went ahead and purchased our first house together that January even. Looking back now, we were so naive in our purchase... basically bought the very first house we looked at but we were so happy and proud.

Financially speaking, here is our current picture 6 months after I graduated from college:

Just married
New home owners
No college loan debts
We both had good stable jobs at the time.
--My salary as a loan officer was $28k and my DH's salary as a teacher was $22k. So, we were making $50k as a couple which was not too shabby for a couple of 20-something year olds fresh out of school starting our lives together.

Then 9 months after we married, we found out we were pregnant. A surprise? For sure. But, we were happy and looking forward to our baby coming along.

We were living the dream in middle class America.

All was perfect... for a little while.

To be continued

Vegan meal pics

July 5th, 2016 at 05:35 am

My first attempt at making vegan pankcakes and it was a success! Topped with maple syrup and blueberries. Yum!

Our favorite vegan burgers (Morningstar black bean and quinoa). Look at the size of this thing after I put my toppings on it Smile

Our 4th of July spread...so good!