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Why do shoes have to cost so much?

January 24th, 2012 at 07:15 am

I have really tiny feet (size 5) and have never found any pumps that would fit... until recently! OMG, I can actually walk around work without my feet killing me and I love it. So, what do I do but go on a shopping binge. Eeek. I've bought 3 pairs and spent $255. They are not cheap shoes and I love them so I figure they are worth the investment but geez, my pocketbook is feeling the pinch!!! I got a black pair, a neutral beige pair, and then a leopard print pair. Quality shoes mean money, I suppose and these 3 pairs should last me a long while.

1 Responses to “Why do shoes have to cost so much?”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Here's how we handle it for my hard to fit DH: If you find a company whose shoes are more likely to fit, sign up for email notifications of sales and clearances. If there is a certain shoe store that carries them, get on that mailing list, too. Have a look at Zappos.com to see if your shoes are on there. If the maker sells direct to the public, find out how and subscribe to their ads. If there is a maker that produces their shoes to the specifications of various "lasts" (sizing model), find out which last fits your foot. That way you can know which of their new designs are likely to fit, based on the last. If you find an absolutely excellent pair, be willing to buy a second pair just like it to set aside for when the first pair wears out. Plan to buy your quality shoes only at reduced prices.

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