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Another Showing

May 17th, 2010 at 09:30 am

Please send your positive energy our way. We've had our house listed for 2 years now and no offers. The feedback has consistently been that the house is wonderful, priced well, and in excellent condition. So, why no offers? Who knows? We had a showing last Friday evening but no hopes of that one turning out in our favor (the realtor said the buyer liked another one better that they say that same night).

However, we just got a call from our realtor that there is going to be another showing tomorrow at noon. Please, please, please let this be the one! We are just tired of having to clean the house (and we clean it up spotless for every showing) and not 'living' in it, you know? We are very fortunate for NOT HAVING to have to sell the house due to any financial hardships or anything like that so we know that we are inconveniencing ourselves and it's our own faults since we DON'T HAVE to move anywhere. But, we just WANT to move... alas, the house is on the market and we aren't going to give it away by undercutting the price way low, so on with the inconveniences.

We visited my parents this weekend (they live just 30 minutes away) and had a conversation about their next door neighbor's house. The lady that owns that house is very elderly and hasn't lived in the house for years now. She lives with a daughter somewhere and her kids just pitch in to have the yard taken care of and they come and take care of the inside of the house every other week or so. My mom has been eyeing this house because she wants us to buy it when/if the family ever gets around to selling it since it's a great house. Well, we've had this conversation many times over the years and I've always replied that it would be too much of a commute for us (we currently live 5 minutes away from our jobs). However, this weekend, my mom said that SHE would buy the house if we would live in it and take care of it. We wouldn't have any mortgage or rent at all and could bank that expense into our long-range savings goals. Needless to say, I got excited over this prospect even with the 30 minute commute issue. Hmmm... just something to think about!

2 Responses to “Another Showing”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    A very generous offer from your mom! I'm sure changing commute times would be hard at first, but you would get used to it. My husband's communte is about 35 minutes each way. We choose where to live based on schools right now, rather than commute times!

    Good luck with the home showing.

  2. all4money Says:

    Thanks for the good luck... we need it!

    Before we bought this house, DH and I commuted about 40 minutes each way in different directions. I swore I'd never have such a long commute again... but if the housing is free, I might just have to rethink that! Smile We are lucky that no matter where we live, the kids can continue going to their current school (since DH and I both work in the school system).

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